Subtle Conclusion

Title: Subtle Conclusion
Year of Creation: 2024
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: (2) 24 inches x 24 inches
Sale Price: $4,600 USD
Edition Type: Unique, 1 of 1
Current Location: New York, NY, USA

“Subtle Conclusion” is a diptych that eloquently captures the essence of finality and the quiet moments before a resolution. Each of the two panels, measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, offers a visual pause, a breath of stillness amidst Gina Keatley’s dynamic abstract expressionism. This 2024 creation uses acrylic to craft a narrative that speaks to the subtleties of endings and new beginnings.

In these works, Keatley employs a minimalist palette that hints at the complexity hidden beneath simple exteriors. The sweeping black strokes that traverse the canvas do so with an air of finality, yet their splattered edges suggest a lingering presence, as if the conclusion is both an end and a continuation. The backdrop is a textured field of neutral tones, speckled with faint colors that seem to emerge shyly from the depth of the canvas.

Positioned against the expansive cityscape of New York, NY, where these pieces currently reside, “Subtle Conclusion” offers viewers a moment of introspection amidst the bustling urban environment. It is a unique set within Keatley’s oeuvre inviting an exploration of the quiet power that comes with subtle endings and the introspective space they create.