Dual Horizons

Title: Dual Horizons
Year of Creation: 2024
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 48 inches x 72 inches
Sale Price: $7,600 USD
Edition Type: Unique, 1 of 1
Current Location: New York, NY, USA

“Dual Horizons,” created in 2024 and displayed in New York, NY, is a unique diptych acrylic painting priced at $7,600. Spanning 48 inches by 72 inches, it visually encapsulates the dynamic interplay between creation and decay. The left panel bursts with red and orange splatters against a backdrop of speckled black and white, conveying intense, creative energy. In stark contrast, the right panel features rising forms of black and grey, suggestive of renewal emerging from ashes. This juxtaposition beautifully mirrors the cyclic nature of life, portraying both the fiery vigor of passion and the somber reflections on transformation. The painting’s rich textures and layered acrylics invite deep contemplation, urging viewers to appreciate the beauty in both vibrancy and subtlety. “Dual Horizons” is not merely a piece of art but a philosophical exploration of existence, challenging observers to find balance and harmony within life’s inherent contrasts. Its presence in any collection encourages a dialogue about resilience, rebirth, and the human capacity to navigate the complexities of our world.