Untamed Moderns 2024.

Gina Keatley’s work, celebrated in the heart of New York City, presents an anthology of abstract expressionism. Her portfolio, marked by the deliberate interplay of monochrome and the vibrant infusions of mandarin orange, invites an exploration of human emotion. This signature use of color—both restrained and poignant—illuminates the narratives etched in the stark, sweeping lines of her canvases, fostering a connection that is both introspective and visceral.

This spring heralds the debut of Keatley’s Untamed Moderns collection, accompanied by the release of her book, Essence of Orange, which examines the significance of the color in art and culture. These endeavors showcase her commitment to art’s transformative potential—a conversation between the viewer and the canvas that challenges and inspires.

Keatley’s art is not merely an exhibit but an immersive journey, celebrating the resilience and vibrancy of the human spirit. She encapsulates this ethos, saying, “Art is a layered narrative that unfolds with each viewing. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about the human experience. Each piece in the Untamed Moderns collection is an ode to our capacity to overcome and transform through the minimalist yet profound language of modern art.”

The Bone Series, a highlight of the Untamed Moderns collection, will engage viewers in reflective conversations, eliciting strong emotional responses. Together with the publication of Essence of Orange, these works invite us to dive into an intersection of art and life that enriches and elevates beyond the everyday.

Keatley’s pieces resonate with the message that art and human resilience are inextricably linked, offering an experience that is both enriching and transformative, and solidifying her place as a vanguard of modern artistic exploration.

Gina Keatley Untamed Moderns Media Kit

Bone Series

Glimpse Series