Embers of Contrast

Title: Embers of Contrast
Year of Creation: 2024
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 24 inches x 24 inches
Sale Price: $2,600 USD
Edition Type: Unique, 1 of 1
Current Location: New York, NY, USA

“Embers of Contrast” is an evocative piece from Gina Keatley, rich in symbolism and visual impact. Measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, this acrylic painting is a masterpiece of 2024, held in New York, NY. It is a unique expression within Keatley’s diverse body of work.

This canvas is a striking exploration of balance and disruption, where a bold, curving black stroke serves as the centerpiece, enveloping fragments of chaos and calm. The stroke sweeps across the neutral backdrop in a fluid motion, drawing the eye along its dynamic curve. Around it, splashes of black and sporadic flecks of orange break the monotony, resembling glowing embers scattered in the aftermath of a fiery discourse.

The minimal use of color—sharp black against a stark white base, with subtle hints of orange—creates a sense of tension and energy, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of opposing forces. “Embers of Contrast” is not just a visual experience; it is a reflection on the complexities of existence, where harmony and discord coexist in perpetual dialogue.